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Neurobiology of Eating Disorders

Prof Walter Kaye is internationally well known among Eating Disorders specialists for his contribution to the field in the neurobiology of eating disorders. Dr Kaye is the

Founder & Executive Director, Eating Disorders Program, Professor, UCSD Department of Psychiatry and works with Dr Stephanie Knatz Peck and Dr Christina Wierenga at the University of California San Diego. He agreed to a short interview to talk about the whys and wherefores of the underpinnings of Anorexia Nervosa & why this should underpin treatment. During the interview, he talks about the challenges for family and loved ones in really understanding the symptoms of AN and why people with AN can behave like they do. With this knowledge, clinicians, families/supports and, indeed the person with the eating disorder, can tailor and change treatment to all be able to work more effectively together for a positive outcome.

Clinicians - consider coming to a one day workshop near you to hear both the research and how it can be applied in treatment from Drs Laura Hill, Christina Wierenga and Stephanie Knatz Peck. And please share the information about the workshop with the families/supports you work with! While the morning is for both clinicians and carers as we see both as partners in treatment, the afternoon will break into 2 groups to allow each group to learn more specific information for their needs.

For more information on the workshop -

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