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Carer Scholarships now available

In recognition of the financial challenges caring from someone with an eating disorder presents and how critical evidence based information and education is in the caring process, EDFA is delighted to be able to offer a number of scholarships to support attendance at the TBT-S workshops (

1. Extreme Hardship

To qualify for the ‘extreme hardship’ category the applicant will demonstrate that they are a carer of a person with an eating disorder, are solely reliant on government pension as their primary source of income and without full subsidy, would not be able to attend the seminar. Production of relevant social security identification will be deemed as such demonstration. Successful applicants will receive 100% scholarship. There will be 15 such scholarships available nationally.

2 Cost Beyond Capacity

To qualify for the ‘Cost Beyond Capacity’ level, the applicant will demonstrate that they are a carer of a person with an eating disorder on limited incomes with insufficient discretionary funds to meet the full cost of the seminar ticket. Successful applicants will receive $75 off the ticket price. The resulting ticket price is $100 for non EDFA members and $70 for EDFA members. There will be 74 such scholarships available nationally.

The process

  • To attain the scholarship, the applicant will need to contact EDFA via the email account and provide telephone contact information.

  • A member of the TBT-S Committee will contact the applicant by phone and interview the applicant.

  • If the TBT-S committee is satisfied that the applicant meets the criteria and, there is a scholarship space available, the applicant will be provided with a code to be utilised on the Trybooking website that will enable the subsidy relevant of their level of scholarship.

  • If an applicant qualifies and there is no scholarship space available, the applicant will be placed on a waitlist. Should a scholarship place become available due to under utilisation, the TBT-S committee will make the scholarship available to the people on the waitlist in the order that the application was made.

For more information go to our Costs and Registration page We look forward to sharing this exciting series of events with as many carers as possible!

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